Disclaimer and Data Privacy Policy

THIS AGREEMENT IS BETWEEN YOU AND ANY OTHER INDIVIDUAL OR ENTITY ON WHOSE BEHALF YOU ACCEPT THESE TERMS (collectively “You” or “User”) AND Sithars Astrology LLC, ITS AFFILIATES AND SUBSIDIARIES (collectively “Sithars Astrology”): All Sithars Astrology Softwares, Web properties, including but not limited to http://www.Sithars Astrology.com (the “Sithars Astrology Web Sites”), are Internet-based online information and communication services operated by Sithars Astrology. Sithars Astrology Web Sites and softwares are accessible by Users worldwide. User participation on Sithars Astrology Web Sites is voluntary and any information, personal or otherwise, contributed to Sithars Astrology Web Sites is done so upon the User’s own initiative. Users may discontinue participation at any time. Sithars Astrology considers its Users’ privacy to be of the utmost importance. Information posted or submitted to the Sithars Astrology Web Sites is governed by Sithars Astrology’s Data Privacy Policy. For any Software from Sithars Astrology hereby grants to you, the user, a personal, non-transferable license to use the Software for viewing and otherwise using the Sithars Astrology Web Sites in accordance with this Agreement, and for no other purpose provided that you keep intact all copyright and other proprietary notices. No other license is granted. We want you to enjoy and appreciate the facilities available in sithars astrology software, as well as know that you’re getting value for money from your purchase. By completing your purchase you therefore agree to the following terms and conditions.

After purchase you may NOT

  1. On-sell the software itself for profit but you can use it for generating reports for commercial purpose.
  2. Take credit for the image or claim it as your own
  3. Provide the un-watermarked original or a copy of it for free download
  4. Produce publications that claim the images as your work
  5. Assume that you own a licencing right of the image
  6. Shall not modify, alter, decompile, reverse engineer or otherwise change Software.
There are various ways in which Sithars Astrology disclaimer seeks to manage liability:
  1. it makes it clear that nothing in the software should be treated as advice;
  2. it makes reference to particular kinds of advice (e.g. legal, medical, financial, etc) that might be problematic;
  3. it specifies that there are no representations in relation to accuracy and efficacy of the information in the software; and
  4. it limits particular types of loss that may result out of reliance upon the information in the software.